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papatonk Indonesia Premium Shrimp Crackers Original - 85g
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Brand Gery
Size (L x W x H) 17 cm x 17 cm x 17 cm
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Shrimp Crackers or Krupuk in Indonesia; Kroepoek in Netherlands is a popular snack in parts of East and Southeast Asia. Krupuk are deep fried crackers made from starch and other ingredients that usually give the taste.

Shrimp based krupuk are popular types of krupuk. These are called krupuk udang in Indonesian, prawn crackers in British and also in Australian English, shrimp chips or shrimp crackers in American English, Krabbenchips (Crab chips) in German, Nuvole di Drago (Dragon's Clouds) in Italian, Prawn chips in Australia.

Krupuk are made by mixing prawns, tapioca flour and water together. The mixture is rolled out, steamed, sliced and sun-dried. In the traditional way, to achieve maximum crispiness, raw krupuk usually are sun-dried first before frying, to eliminate the moisture. Once dry, they are deep-fried in oil, which must be at high heat before cooking. In only a few seconds they expand from thumb-sized semi-transparent chips to white fluffy crackers, much like popcorn, as water bound to the starch expands as it turns into steam. It only becomes crisp after it is taken out of the oil and has cooled down a little.

After that you can enjoy the krupuk as an Indonesian favorite side dish that can be completing the meal during breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

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