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[CW] Dinosaur Shaped Biscuits-Cheese Flavor - (60g) 恐龍造型餅乾(起司味)
Price RM5.65
Product SKU 8801204008777
Brand cw
Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 5.3 cm x 16 cm
Availability 1
  • Crispy Biscuit Cheese Flavor
  • It's better with milk
  • The cute dinosaur looks more interesting
1. Product combination/specification:
2. Product name: CW dinosaur shaped biscuit (cheese flavor)
3. Product weight (volume): 60g
4. Content name (ingredient): wheat flour, sugar, shortening [palm Oil, spice oil (sunflower oil,  vanilla)], mixed milk powder (whole milk powder, milk protein concentrate, whey powder), processed cereal products (wheat, wheat starch, glutinous rice), cheddar cheese powder (cheese (milk) , Salt, lactic acid bacteria, rennet), sodium dihydrogen phosphate], ammonium bicarbonate, salt, fructose syrup, sodium bicarbonate, cheese flavor, enzymes (protein , glycerin).
5. Name of food additives:
6Country of origin (country): South Korea
7. Name of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: Xinghe International Co., Ltd.
8. Address of manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: No. 104, Minsheng Road, Dayuan, Taoyuan
9. The telephone number of the manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer: 03-3868282
10. Calculated from the date of acceptance by the consumer, at least 1 day before the effective date: total validity period is 12 months.
11. Food business registration number: F-112839501-00000 -2
12. Insured product liability insurance font size: 085504PDT00117 Remarks
column: This product contains gluten-containing grains and milk products.
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